Dipanshi Singh

1st Year College, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Bhaiya got me this when I was in pain due to tongue ulcers. It was so annoying because I had a speech in my college the next day and I couldn't focus due to the pain. Thank God for Orasore. Such nice numbing effect. Made me forget about ulcers and focus on my work.

Rakshit Gupta

Businessman, Haryana

This gel was recommended to me by my local chemist. Mouth ulcers trouble me every now and then, and so, Orasore goes with me wherever I go to give instant pain relief. It's a must have.

Divanshi Sabharwal

Fashion Designer, Delhi

January was a crazy month due to all the weddings. I was out everyday for someone's party and used to eat a lot of oily, spicy food. I was in terrible pain when one morning I woke up with Mouth Ulcers and couldn't even talk or eat due to the pain. That's when I used Orasore gel, my dad gave it to me to keep it in first aid box for such times. Amazingly fast pain relief.

Vinod Chugh

Business Analyst, Gurgaon

I recently moved to a new city and everything was new to me - food, culture, lifestyle. But one thing that was same was my mouth ulcer problem. It was a blessing that I could find Orasore at the chemist shop and keep it with me for express pain relief in 2 minutes.

Apoorva Baweja

Chemist, Rani Bagh, Delhi

As a chemist I deal with 100s of patients everyday and hear to 100s of feedback about products that my patients take. Orasore has been a consistent champion since last 15 years. People ask it with name and I haven't heard of a single unsatisfied patient. Everyone's gotta keep Orasore with them because Mouth ulcers are unpredictable and annoying.

Roopa Shenoy

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Best medicine for mouth ulcers. I always use this for mouth ulcers and it cured so fast

Uday Kumar

Ranchi, Jharkhand

One of the best brand and effective product, I'm loving it.

Gaurav Gautam

Chandigarh, India

Thanks orasore for keeping smile on my face, without you its wasnt really possible, I lost my smile when I was in Pain but Orasore you retained my smile back, Proud to use your product, making people smile, I would better say making India Smile.

Nidhi Bhatia

Paharganj, Delhi

The Best and No.1 Product. Most Trusted brand in India. When I suffer from ulcers I quickly used this. Awesome results.

Ruchi Sharma


Orasore is best Medicine for mouth uclerd in 2 minutes. When I suffer from ulcers I quickly used this.

Sanket B

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Best products which relives from pain instantly without any side effects

Meenakshi Kapur

New Delhi

Great product for mouth ulcers. I have used this during pain full ulcers on lips. I got instant relief. Very nice

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