Orasore-Mouth Ulcer-Brand-Ambassador-ORA-3
  • Relieves from tooth pain in 10 second

  • “Very Safe”

    • Safe to use inside mouth for Tooth pain.
    • Safe even if little amount of gel goes inside stomach.
  • How to use:

    • Take sufficient quantity of ORASORE® DENTAL gel on a pre-cleaned finger and rub gently on the affected tooth and gum area.
  • 1st time in India – “Benzocaine with clove oil & Glycerine” combination.

  • Available in pleasant clove flavor.



Orasore-Mouth Ulcer-Brand-Ambassador-ORA-3 Orasore-Toothache-Gel

Daant Dard Se Turant Rahat ka Achook Formula

Orasore Dental Gel contains Benzocaine at a maximum strength concentration of 20% that provides quick pain relief by its local anesthetic properties. Clove Oil has been long established as a tooth pain reliever and Glycerine is added to provide a soothing & moisturizing effect. Orasore Dental Gel is a soothing, pleasant and fast acting 1st time in India product for temporary tooth pain relief and reduces the dental pain for 4-5 hours on one application. Any deep rooted or severe causes of dental must be referred to the dentist only.

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