Rohan Kumar

1st Year Junior College, Delhi

I am a class 11th student. My final exams were going on. In the morning I was getting ready to go to school to appear in the maths exam. My mother offered me sweet curd to eat as it is considered good sign before someone starts an important work. I too had it. All of sudden I got an unbearable pain in my tooth as I had a cavity for quite some time, and today it seems the nerves were exposed resulting into severe dental. With pain came the worry of exam. Today was Maths paper. I had no time to visit a dentist. With pain, I could not do well in the exam. My father gave me Orasore Dental to apply. Believe me, it worked within 30 secs and pain was gone like I never had it before. It is a wonderful product and rescued me in a time of emergency.

Arun Kumar

Businessman, Lucknow

I was holidaying in Goa. I got severe tooth pain in the evening. My wisdom tooth was erupting. I rushed to a chemist and he offered me Orasore Dental gel by Wings Biotech. It is a transparent gel. I applied on my paining tooth and it worked wonder. I got relief within seconds and I felt as if I had no pain at all. Once applied, it gives pain relief for 4-5 hours. I could sleep the entire night peacefully with just one application. Since I came to Goa for just 4 days, I did not want to waist one day visiting to dentist. So I used Orasore Dental till then. I felt I had no issues at all.

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