While tooth decay is often the primary cause of a dental pain, it's important for you to have a complete oral examination to determine the cause. Other causes of a dental pain can include the following:


  • Infection

  • Gum disease

  • Grinding teeth (bruxism)

  • Tooth trauma/Dental fracture

  • An abnormal bite

  • Tooth eruption (in babies and school-age children)

  • Wisdom tooth eruption

  • Dental Braces

  • Dentures

  • Sensitivity

If you have a dental pain, you may have a cavity or advanced gum disease. The first sign of decay may be the pain you feel when you eat something sweet, very cold or very hot. If the pulp – the inside of the tooth that has tissue and nerves – has become irritated, this can cause pain in your tooth.

How do I alleviate the dental pain if I cannot see my dentist right away?

Anyone with a dental pain should see a dentist at once for diagnosis and treatment. If left untreated, a Dental and the condition that is causing it can worsen. However, if you are unable to schedule an emergency appointment, Orasore Dental gel can come to your rescue by immediately alleviating the pain:

Is there a way to prevent a Dental Pain?

The key to preventing dental pain is establishing a regular oral hygiene routine and sticking to it. For example, failure to brush and floss regularly after meals can significantly increase your risk of developing cavities, which can cause dental pain.

Here are a few tips to help reduce your risk for developing a dental pain:

  • Brush at least twice a day, preferably after meals and snacks.

  • Floss at least once a day to prevent gum disease.

  • Visit your dentist regularly for oral examinations and a professional cleaning.

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Dental pain can happen to anyone and anytime. It does not give warning and the pain could be severe or at times unbearable. That is why you should always stock Orasore Dental gel in your first aid kit. Orasore Dental gel is a gel based formulation which is formulated to give instant pain relief from severe, acute and unbearable Dental and gum pain.

Orasore Dental Gel is a unique 2-minute instant pain relief gel formulated with fast acting Benzocaine.

Benzocaine at a concentration of 20% w/w in Orasore Dental Gel, acts as a local anaesthetic and provides rapid numbing and cool soothing effect.

Other than the Benzocaine, Orasore Dental Gel is powered with the goodness of Glycerine and Clove Oil which impart a soothing effect and a refreshing taste to the gel.

Orasore Dental Gel can be used for any kind of Dental and gum pain arising from:

  • Dental cavities,

  • Sensitivity,

  • Eruption of wisdom tooth,

  • Dental braces,

  • Pain due to Dentures,

  • Root canal treatment,

  • Tooth fracture.

Orasore Dental gel’s fast action formula quickly goes under the painful area and stops the flow of pain sensation through nerves. Thus Orasore Dental gel makes the area numb and relieves from pain almost instantly.

Orasore Dental Gel gives only pain relief and it should not be used as a permanent solution for your dental problems.


Orasore Dental Gel is available as a transparent gel in an easy-to-carry tube of 10 gm which costs Rs.50/- only.


Orasore Dental Gel will have no side effects if it is used as per directions. It is a time tested, clinically proven and safe gel for dental pain. Not to be used by children aged 12 years and below.

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Orasore Dental Gel provides pain relief due to dental pain in just 2 minutes. It should be used as per directions and whenever required.

Wash-hands-before-application-of orasore-Mouth-ulcer-Gel

Wash your hands
fingers properly


Put sufficient quantity of
ORASORE Dental Gel on finger tip

How-to-apply-Orasore-Mouth Ulcer-Gel

Gently apply ORASORE Dental Gel
on affected tooth and gum
area upto 4 times daily

Orasore Dental Gel can be applied anytime. It can be applied every 3-4 hours as per requirement and recurrence of Dental Pain. Orasore Dental Gel is for alleviation of pain, and you must visit your dentist for the treatment for the cause of your Dental.

Orasore Dental gel can be applied anytime, whenever there is Dental pain. Do not eat or drink anything for next 2-3 minutes after application.

It can be applied at a gap of 3-4 hours or as per requirement of dental pain (it can be applied when dental pain needs to be alleviated)

For best results apply once every three hours or as directed.

Orasore Dental Gel provides relief from tooth pain but does not treat the cause of your dental (which could be dental cavities, dental sensitivity, tooth fracture etc) and you have to plan a visit to your dentist for permanent solution. Till the time you visit a dentist, you can continue using Orasore Dental Gel to get pain relief.

  • Children aged below 12 years.
  • If you have had an allergic reaction against Benzocaine or any of the ingredients in the Orasore Dental gel.
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Orasore Dental Gel | 10 Second Tooth Pain Relief

How To Use Orasore Dental Gel?

How Orasore Dental Gets Rid of Tooth Pain?

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